Best Practice for Escort Girls

Many people considered Escorting to be one of the riskiest profession. However, Escort agencies like Paddington Escort Service has few safety tips that are now practised by their girls. So, what are these tips that should keep you out of trouble with your clients and possibly with the Law?

Being Anonymous

Paddington Escort Service
Paddington Escort Service

All of the girls in Paddington Escorts Service don’t give in to their customers when they asked for their home address; this is commonly asked when the client love the girl she is dating. However, many of these cases have bad results down the line. As some of the clients are obsessed with some girls, which may affect your escort business.

If by any case you are doing and Incall Service, it is advised that you rent some apartment rooms or a brothel in advance. Do not call the clients or receive a call from your personal mobile number as this leaves a digital trail, which can be used by your phoney clients to figure out where you live using some advance theft mechanisms. Get a prepaid phone and register it in another name to hide your details.

If it is possible, don’t carry personal things that can easily identify you. So In case the client is not ideal one you will be not identified easily.

Payment is the most Important

London Escort Girls
London Escort Girls

This is one of the risk issues on escorting, it is advisable to get the payment first in advance as soon as you meet or you arrive. Never agreed with them if they will tell you the payment will be made afterwards as this might have a chance that you won’t get your money.

Do not accept payment made by credit card, debit card or if possible bank notes. Mainly, there are no Banks in London that endorses Escorting Profession, and they may take away your privileges, and they can keep your money. And clients can quickly phone their banks and report a supposed fraud and stop the payment done to you.

If by any means the customer will pay you with bank notes, get yourself a pen checker for you to check if the bank notes are not fake. There are few cases we know of that escorts are being paid with fake bank notes without their knowing.

If the customer hands you cash in an envelope, don’t assume instantly that money is all in there. Always check the money after they give them to you, to make sure you paid as you both agreed upon.

Important reminder: Do not put the payment they give them to you together with your other earnings as you don’t want to reveal to your customer that you have some few extra cash at your disposal.

Escorting a New Client

Some new clients want to hire you because you are referred to by their friends who are your regular customers or have gone to your agency websites and book you for the first time.

Make it clear to him the terms and condition of the service you provided. Let them know the service and if there are limitations, as some men tend to jump into conclusion that escorting is the same as prostitution. Do not talk about sex, escorting is not about sex. Clients should know this.

Get as much information needed from your client, find out what he is looking for an escort. Fetishes, Role-Plays, etc., this will give you more depth understanding of what kind of client you are meeting with. If you are unsure about the client, don’t accept a booking, trust your guts. For an incall service, see to it that he is not calling from a landline as most of these are just prank calls, because you don’t have in any way to contact them or contact you when they arrived at your place.

Cancelling the service

Here are some situations that you need to cancel the booking if:

You arrived at his place on an outcall service, then found out that there are few more people in the room. This is risky especially if the prior conversation you had, he told you he is alone.

Be also alarmed when you meet a guy, then suddenly said they need an ATM to withdraw cash. This is suspecting as the guy already knew how much she should pay you during his booking, and should have the money ready beforehand.

Lastly, Always tell someone where you are going. In a case of emergency, they know where to find you.